Juan Arambul, ’14/’20, began his journey at CBU as a transfer student graduating in 2014 with a degree in communication studies. He then went on to receive a master’s from CBU in leadership and organizational studies in 2020. As a student at CBU, he spent time coaching basketball and track and volunteering at a summer camp as well as working full-time at Sherman Indian High School. These experiences, coupled with his passion for serving others and film production, led him to create and develop leadership initiative activities for a large non-profit based in Los Angeles. He began to serve communities throughout California, bringing a unique and innovative leadership style to youth and professionals alike. 


In 2016, Juan decided to leave his full-time job to pursue his purpose by founding a creative agency, ALUMNEW, LLC. This venture eventually led to the development of a youth-oriented organization called ANEW Project. ANEW Project’s mission is to “inspire and empower individuals through innovative team building and leadership initiative activities while cultivating cohesive communities and helping people reach their highest potential.” At ANEW Project, Juan inspires others to look deep within themselves by using team building and leadership exercises to help them identify their passions and purpose in life. ANEW Project partners with schools and brings positive leadership resources to communities. Creating and building ANEW Project has come with many challenges and none more significant than that of the COVID-19 pandemic. Juan was grateful for his background in video production, which helped to navigate the virtual environment required during the past year. He has been able to continue to connect with large audiences and bring innovative experiences to their clients.


Juan hopes to continue to grow ANEW Project. He truly believes God commissioned him to start this ministry. As he stays faithful and dedicated to pursuing his purpose, God will continue to bless him. Serving others and helping to motivate them to be their best selves is a passion that invigorates Juan and continually challenges him to reach for his highest potential. Juan has found great joy through this journey and gives this advice: always seek wise counsel, a clear vision will focus your decisions, and share your gifts and talents with the world! 


To learn more about ANEW Project, visit anewproject.org