Michelle Moore, ’14/’16, is in her first year working at Harvest Christian School as a physical education teacher and the athletic director. She attended CBU’s online and professional studies program later in life as a non-traditional student and is the first in her family to receive a college degree.


Michelle’s path to CBU started with a 100lb weight loss; she felt that if she could make choices that helped her reach her fitness and health goals, Michelle knew she could help motivate others to do the same. She chose to major in kinesiology and physical education. During her time in the program, her passion grew. She decided to continue her studies in the graduate program at CBU, eventually earning her M.S. in kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise science and cardiac rehab. She then went on to earn another Master of Education degree and her single-subject teaching credential from Alliant International University.


Michelle credits CBU professor Monica O’Rourke for guiding her with faith and expertise to help fuel her already passionate love of physical education. Because of this support, Michelle was able to participate in conferences and share her testimony and journey to a healthier life. She was also able to co-teach several physical education clinics. She credits CBU with being able to help her integrate a biblical foundation into her educational endeavors, helping her experience become more of a personal journey.


Michelle feels that God has led her to serve by finding her purpose in educating youth on the importance of physical activity and how it leads to a healthier lifestyle. She can combine her passion for fitness with her love of the Lord, all while making it fun!


Michelle feels blessed to be a physical education educator and an Athletic Director. These roles are not only her dream jobs, but they put her in a position to help her students find their purpose just as she has been able to find hers.


Michelle is a mother of five, Andrew (30), Kaylee (26), Faith (20), Blake (15), and Austin (9). Though attending school was a challenge, she had the encouragement of her husband, Jerald, and the rest of the family. She has set an example for her children, of which she is proud. First, the example of it never being too late to take an educational journey and then the joy in living your purpose every day.